More Moves on the Horizon?

I have a feeling Sandy is not done, but who will he get and at what cost?

The emergence last year of deGrom and even more so, this year’s emergence of Matz, to me makes a DL’d Wheeler an expendible part of the stud rotation and an attractive piece of a deal.

Sandy is pretty creative at times, so it remains to be seen what he conjures up. The target names we have all hears keep popping up, Upton, Cespedea, Tulo, continue to swirl in rumors.

I’d take any one of those, even if the mere presence energizes the team as adding Johnson and Uribe seemed to. It gives your 25 man roster some hope the team is committed to some type of improvement.

Last night could have been an abberation. Facing Grienke today could make it seem so. Or, perhaps through some miracle they will pound him and break his scoreless streak, adding to their confidence.

This is what makes the 162 game slog so interesting. It’s one of the many reasons I love this game, even if the team I love makes me crazy at times.

Let’s go Mets!