One Game Playoff

Mets Dodgers

Well, folks, it comes to this: a one game playoff.

I would be bubbling with confidence were it not for the fact this offense is either all or nothing these days, and the pitcher we are facing had an ERA of 1.66 during the regular season and we only scored 2 runs off him the first time around.

I have a lot of faith in Jacob. It is not him I am concerned about in terms of shitting the bed. Primarily, it’s David “I have one hit in the series” Wright, Lucas “I forgot how to hit again” Duda, and everyone else who isn’t pulling their weight in the lineup.

Why single out DW and LD? Well, first, they are in the middle of the lineup. And, when you are the captain of a team and are doing nothing, you stand out more than the average guy. And Lucas, well, he looks so bad up there and has the POTENTIAL to do so much damage, he needs special mention.

They need to show up on Thursday. They all do. Grienke is not perfect and can be gotten to. I recall a start against the Phillies this past season where he gave up 8 earned runs, 5 of them in the first inning or two. He CAN be gotten to, and the Mets’ lefty-heavy lineup — including Conforto — will give us our best chance, I believe. And I do, because, Ya Gotta Believe!!!


3 thoughts on “One Game Playoff”

  1. We can take Greinke, but with this half-ass offense, we’ll never take the Cubs. Going to the NLCS would be nice, but I’m in it for the ring and we’re not up to snuff this year. Sandy waited too long to fix the offense and if we had moved Wilmer off SS sooner, the five games we lost at the end of season wouldn’t have meant as much because we would’ve won those games in May, June and early July that we should’ve won because our pitchers held up their end of the game. IF and WHEN we’re hitting, I’d put our lineup up against any team’s, but when we’re not, we’re REALLY not, no one is hitting and we leave too many runners on base. If that weren’t enough of a problem, our bullpen is unreliable. The best we can hope for is our starting pitchers going 7, 8 innings and turning it over to Familia. That’s a lot to ask every game. Our starters are tired (and human) and are no longer lights-out. Yeah, the Mets give ME agita, too.

    1. LOL, they give all of us agita, even the ones who don’t know what agita is. 🙂

      That is also a big fear of mine. Even if we get past LA, the Cubs would likely flatten the Mets if their offense vanishes as it has sporadically.

    2. Looks like Murphy and his magical run is making us change our tune…I hope the rest of the offense catches up!

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